Street Performance

Solarwizard has been making streetperformance since 2003. These pictures include independant artists in Solarwizard’s production. Pictures by Antti Suniala, Johnny Kääpä and Krichan Wihlborg. Last streetshow was made for Earth Hour in 2016 in fron of the National Theatre of Sofia, Bulgaria with Academy Divinitas.

Solarwizard is now oficially retired from street performance and can only be seen performing when booked. Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your attention.

Fire Jam 2016 15

Sometimes I starved for the sake of art, even once I ate bread from the street in Salvador. Sometimes I was scouted on the street or at the beach and brought to make shows at uptown parties, fashion shows, clubs, festivals or even flown to make shows at TV. I stood on stages in front of 5000 people to club music and performed in international Yoga festivals. It did not seem to matter how good I got or how much experience I had. Some people would still see no value in what I did.  They would flash their fat camera in my face, record me for documetaries and not give me tip or send me the photos. Others would love my show and hunt me down after years to book me. Some clients would make me feel like a princess. Suppose Life is like that.

unnamed2Anyways, playing in the street for me is not about making Money or having a chance of getting famous. It is about getting to know humanity, it is about sharing light and also, of course, receiving appreciation. It is about playing with fire. Use your mind, don’t be ruled by it.unnamed7

Playing in the streets gave me many friends! Some of them are still my friends. We made revolution together and watched capitalism go by. And we ate street food together in Asia, Prague, South America or werever we were.


Fire Jam 2016 07

Some organizers used us to market themselves.

Some photographers we used to market ourselves.



Fire Jam 2016 04


Katarina Leander, Gothenburg 2014.


Anna Mattison, Gothenburg 2014.


Janne Backus, Gothenburg 2014.


Alexandra Meikle, Gothenburg 2014.


Katarina Leander, Stromboli Island, Italy, 2014.

My 2 biggest professional mistakes where as follow:

  1. I was not borned blond.
  2. I don’t have a dick.

I don’t regret any of them.


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